Digital Marketing And Healthcare

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“People really are communicating a lot online on social media. There’s actually a wealth of information here that potentially hasn’t been tapped into until recently. The questions is ‘If people are talking about our products (services), should we be listening to what they’re saying?’ The answer is, ‘Of course’.”

(Greg Powell, Director of Pharmacovigilance, GlaxoSmithKleine)

I have been active in the healthcare industry for over a decade now and have seen all aspects of healthcare from clinical trials through to sales and marketing. I have seen large companies operation on a huge scale, as well as smaller healthcare companies just starting to get off the ground. What do all of these companies have in common? A need for innovation to keep them engaged with their customers as well as with healthcare trends. The time to engage with your patients/ customers/ clients through online advertising and digital marketing has never been more urgent.

So now that you know you need a digital marketing plan and strategy for your business here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. START WITH A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE THAT IS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED. Google yourself – what do you see? Make sure your page shows up first on the results page. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and has up to date, relevant information about your practice. Check for relevant key words and optimize them.

2. DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. Patients want a healthcare provider they can trust. Make sure that your brand reflects who you are and help people get to know you. Engaging with potential patients/customers allows you to position yourself as a trusted source and industry expert.

3. CREATE ENGAGING CONTENT. Content marketing includes blogging, vlogging and other forms of social media content creation. This is a highly effective way to reach new patients as well as existing ones. Consider YouTube or videos on your website as these are excellent ways to interact and engage with your patients.

4. MAKE ANALYTICS A TOP PRIORITY. Is your marketing producing the returns you expect to reach with regards to revenue and patient acquisition goals? Using appropriate software to measure the success (or failure) of your marketing strategies is key to knowing where to continue to focus your efforts or where to change strategy.

5. PARTNER WITH A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST. You need to partner who can assist you in developing and executing a digital marketing plan that will keep your business ahead of the curve and help you to stay on top of new marketing trends as they arise.




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I am a specialist in healthcare marketing and have been in the industry for over 12 years helping businesses to grow their customer base, increase revenue and improve their branding and digital presence. I love analytics and seeing where we can continue to grow and improve.

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