Medical Marketing And Digital Health

Ok, Boomer By the year 2020 the United States will have roughly 50 million people over the age of 65. This number is expected to jump to some 70 million by the year 2030. So, you ask, what do Boomers have to do with medical marketing and digital health? Well, a DMN3 survey of the onlineContinue reading “Medical Marketing And Digital Health”

Digital Marketing And Healthcare

DIGITAL MARKETING AND HEALTHCARE TOP 5 TIPS FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS “People really are communicating a lot online on social media. There’s actually a wealth of information here that potentially hasn’t been tapped into until recently. The questions is ‘If people are talking about our products (services), should we be listening to what they’re saying?’ TheContinue reading “Digital Marketing And Healthcare”


This post talks about some of the challenges that business owners face when considering a digital marketing strategy and why it is useful to have a trusted consultant.